Suger Coat It - Melissa Walker Horn

I'm Melissa Walker Horn

and this is a little about me.

I’m a coffee drinking, wine-loving, millennial with a thing for sneakers, YA fiction and graphic tees. I’m here to help you go after the life you want; figuring it out as I go…


I’ve been blogging at my blog suger coat it since 2009. It’s about changing the idea that being plus size means I must be boring, sad, unlovable and, well, lame. I share stories from my life alongside content aimed at getting you out there living your best life.

Recently, we started talking about how to buy back your freedom with a business, side hustle or blog of your own. I’ve got a ton of posts about my journey and how I’ve been able to quit my job and work for myself from home successfully.

I’m also the owner of a Social Media Agency called Chalkboard Digital; we make stuff for the internet.

Established in 2010, creating basic email marketing and mail out campaigns for local real estate agents, from that stage we’ve grown to represent and work with national companies, recognisable brands and a diverse roster of industries. One thing is always constant; social media and digital marketing are about communicating. And you can’t communicate when you have nothing to say.

That’s what we do here. We help small businesses, personal brands and bloggers to tell their story online, find new customers and advertise what they offer. With over a decade of digital content and marketing experience, you’ll find no team better placed to meet you where you’re at. Try us. We’d love to work with you. Find out how here.